The Mighty Thor vs. The Executioner

September 29, 2020

September 1962

Journey into Mystery #84, vol. 1

“The Mighty Thor vs. The Executioner”

EIC: Stan Lee

Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott

Writers: Larry Lieber

Pencilers: Jack Kirby

Inkers: Dick Ayers

Letterers: Artie Simek

Editors: Stan Lee

Cover Date: September 1962

Release Date: July 1962

Pages: 13 Cover Price: $0.12

Dr. Don Blake is at the hospital where he is treating a patient. We find out that Dr. Blake has feelings for his nurse, Jane Foster, and that she also has feelings for him, although neither is aware of this mutual affection.

Dr. Blake learns that a revolution has broken out in San Diablo led by a communist known as The Executioner. Dr. Blake is given a chance to go to San Diablo to help the people there. Jane Foster joins Dr. Blake on this trip, although it might prove to be a dangerous one.

While on the way to San Diablo the ship is attacked by the Executioner’s planes. Dr. Blake has to transform into Thor who is easily able to destroy the planes. After, he dives into the water unseen so that he can transform back into Dr. Blake.

In San Diablo, the Executioner learns that his planes have failed to accomplish their mission of destroying the ship and he orders the commander be taken to firing squad.

After landing at San Diablo the doctors make their way to the sick who need help, but are ambushed by the Executioner’s soldiers. Dr. Blake, while hiding behind a rock, hits his staff twice on the ground to summon a storm which disorients the soldiers and causes them to flee.

After continuing on their way for a bit, the doctors run into a squad of tanks. Finding a hiding spot, Dr. Blake transforms himself into Thor and easily over powers and destroys all the tanks. During the fight, Jane is taken hostage and Thor flees, seeing no way to save her at the moment.

Jane is taken to face the Executioner when Dr. Blake shows up and offers a trade, him for her. The Executioner takes Blake’s cane and orders him to face the firing squad. Jane, not wanting to see the man she likes killed, offers to marry the Executioner in exchange for Blake’s life. Not wanting to see this, Dr. Blake taunts the Executioner into fighting him without the cane.

When the Executioner drops the cane, Blake picks it up and hits it on the ground transforming into Thor. Before the soldiers are able to recover themselves from the bright flash of the transformation, Thor hurls his hammer into a nearby tent bringing it with the hammer when it returns. The tent falls onto the soldiers as the troops for the Democratic faction arrive.

Seeing that the Executioner’s troops fleeing, Thor strikes his hammer four times causing a nearby mountain to erupt, blocking them from fleeing. In the confusion, the Executioner tries to escape with as much money as he can. Seeing this, his troops realize that he is only in it for himself and kill him before he can get away.

After the fighting, Jane asked Dr. Blake where he was while everything was going down. When he tells her that he was hiding, Jane thinks him a coward and how handsome and courageous Thor was.

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