The Mighty Thor

September 30, 2019


Dr. Don Blake was an American physician vacation in Europe when he over heard an old man telling people of stone men from outer space. They, of course, thought he was nuts, but Dr. Blake believed him and decided to have a look for himself.

These stone men came from the planet Saturn and had increased strength and invulnerability thanks to Earth’s atmosphere. Dr. Blake overheard the stone men speaking about killing any who discover them and he fled in fear.

He entered a cave, and unable to find another exit, conceded defeat. Dr. Blake leaned back against a wall, revealing a hidden door. Behind it, he found a hidden room where lay a very old walking stick. With hope growing, he tried to use the stick as a lever to move a boulder blocking a secondary exit from the cave. In his frustration at not being able to budge the enormous stone, he struck the boulder with the cane. There was a sudden blinding flash of light and Blake discovered that he had been transformed into Thor.

As Thor, Dr. Blake easily moved the boulder and escaped the cave. Outside, based on what he had read about Norse mythology, he tested his abilities . He quickly discovered that if he let go of the hammer for more than 60 seconds, he returned to his normal form.

Further tests showed the hammer’s ability to return to him when thrown, destroy a tree, summon storms, as well as stop them. He also finds that hitting the hammer on the ground once returned him to normal and the hammer back into a walking stick.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the stone men attack fleet entered the atmosphere and were picked up by military radar. The stone men’s ships were protected so that the missiles couldn’t harm them. Seeing this, Dr. Blake transformed back into Thor and hurled himself with his hammer into the middle of the landing party. The stone men couldn’t match strength with Thor and his hammer, and were quickly defeated.

Thinking that all humans must be like Thor, the stone men fled the planet. As soldiers arrived on the scene, Thor transformed back into Dr. Blake and walked away without anyone taking a second look.

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