Prisoners of Dr. Doom!

February 18, 2019

July 1962

The Fantastic Four #5 (vol. 1)

“Prisoners of Dr. Doom!”

EIC: Stan Lee

Cover Artists: Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott

Writers: Stan Lee

Pencilers: Jack Kirby

Inkers: Joe Sinnott

Colourist: Stan Goldberg

Letterers: Artie Simek

Editors: Stan Lee

Cover Date: July 1962

Release Date: April 1962

Pages: 23

Cover Price: $0.12


Doctor Doom, in his hideout, states he alone has the power to defeat the Fantastic Four. He then storms away and boards a helicopter.

Meanwhile, the FF are relaxing in The Baxter Building. Johnny and Ben quarrel, forcing Sue and Reed to intervene and stop them. Reed begins to lecture the pair as the lights are cut.

Outside, Doom, in a helicopter, drops a massive net over the building. Reed recognizes the assailant’s voice and proceeds to tell the story of Victor Von Doom, a student he knew while attending college.

Von Doom was a brilliant scientist with a penchant for the occult, often conducting “forbidden” experiments. His research continued until he eventually unleashed uncontrollable powers which horribly disfigured him and led to his expulsion from campus.

Outside, Doom announces that the FF are his prisoners and demands that Sue be held as a personal insurance plan for the team’s obedience. Sue climbs to the top of the building and offers herself as a hostage.

Doom brings the team to his castle fortress. Once inside, Doom informs them that he has perfected a time machine and demands that they travel to the past and find the treasure of the pirate Blackbeard. Reed convinces the others to take Doom at his word and they agree to accept the mission.

The team fades from view and reappears in a 17th century colonial setting. They are forced to scramble for period clothing before their presence is discovered, Ben donning a large black beard to hide his rocky appearance. The trio are then drugged and thrown in the hold of a pirate ship.

Awakening, a furious Thing smashes his way from below decks, allowing the team to use their powers and subdue the crew. Suddenly, the ship is fired upon by another vessel and a battle ensues. The fight is quickly over and Ben is anointed “Blackbeard” by the victorious pirate crew.

Reed splits the treasure among the sailors and hatches a plan to bring only “the chest” of Blackbeard back to Doom. Ben proclaims his intention to remain in the past as a “somebody” and orders Reed and Johnny off the ship on a life boat. A freak sea tornado then destroys the pirate vessel and maroons the trio, treasure chest in tow, on an island. Ben laments his rash behavior just as Doom returns the group to the present.

Back in his castle, Doom informs the FF he was actually after the gems of Merlin, which give their owner the power of invincibility. Upon opening the chest, Doom discovers the bogus treasure, and lashes out at Ben, who strikes back, smashing Doom to bits, and it’s revealed he was actually a robot.

The “real” Doom then attempts to suffocate the team from a room above. Sue is able to use her powers to invisibly get away and save the others. The team then escapes from confinement and The Torch attempts “smoke” Doom from his castle, using rings of flame. The limit of The Johnny’s power is reached and Doom is able to escape at the story’s end using a jet-pack, vowing future conquests.

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