The Invisible Girl

January 5, 2019


Susan Storm was born and raised on Long Island, New York, with her parents and younger brother, Johnny. When their mother died, their father, a doctor, couldn’t save her. He sank into depression, alcoholism, and gambling. When he unintentionally killed a loan-shark after gambling away the family money and went to prison, Sue and Johnny went to live with their aunt Marygay at her boarding house.

There, Sue met Dr. Reed Richards, a science student at ESU working on his third doctorate, with whom she would fall in love and eventually become engaged. She supported his every scientific dream, including his biggest one – to build a starship to fly to the furthest reaches of space.

In California, Reed finally built the craft, and, adding his best friend Ben Grimm as pilot, the two along with Sue and Johnny, commandeered the ship, for the government had threatened to shut down funding along with the program itself. They flew into space but were besieged by cosmic radiation, forcing them to crash back on Earth.

Emerging from their wrecked ship, they discovered that they had gained powerful new abilities from the rays. Sue was the first to discover hers, slowly fading from view of the others. Once past the excitement and terror of this discovery, they all agreed to call themselves The Fantastic Four and to use their new powers to help mankind.

They made their headquarters in the Baxter Building in Manhattan, although Sue and Johnny would continue to live in their family house in Glenville, episodes that were depicted in the anthology title Strange Tales. Reed and Sue eventually got married.

Over the years, Sue, once considered the weak link of the group, continued to develop and find new uses and ways to manipulate her power until she actually became the strongest and most dangerous member of the Four.

At first, only being able to turn herself invisible and cast up invisible force walls or surround someone with invisible force bubbles, she eventually learned she could do many other things. She could turn other things invisible, such as the optic nerves of an enemy, rendering them blind. She could also project a force bubble into someone’s lungs, expanding it until they burst or merely holding it until they passed out, or even died. She could project invisible platforms in mid-air for herself or others to walk across empty space, as well as many more things.

While Reed was the cold, calculating head of the group, making the rational decisions over their direction and agenda, Sue was the matronly heart and conscience of the Fantastic Four, keeping them grounded even as they embarked on fantastic missions to other worlds.

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